30th Birthday invitation in Photoshop30th Birthday invitation in Photoshop

Birthday Invitation in Photoshop

Patrice asked EditMyPhoto to create a special 30th birthday invitation, she wanted to use an old photograph of her which was taken when she was a young girl. The picture was in need of some TLC and a new background.

Removing Dust and Scratches

The original image was scanned and emailed to us; due to the fact the image wasn’t a high resolution image, it meant there was some work to do. The first task was to remove dust and scratches from the photo, to do this we used the Dust and Scratches filer which can be found under Filter  > Noise in Photoshop CC.

Colour correction

We then used the curves adjustment layer to brighten the image using all of the channels, finally a colour balance adjustment layer was used to adjust the shadows, mid tones and highlights.

Removing the background

After the work on the image was completed, we used the quick selection and refine edge tool to select Patrice and remove the background. We thought a pink gradient background would well with the invite, after creating the gradient we moved the layer down, so that it appeared as a background.

Choosing a layout for the invitation

Instead of building an invite from scratch, which would of taken allot of time we decided to purchase a prebuilt template from graphicriver.net.

Click Here for a link to the template we used for this project.

30th Birthday invitation in Photoshop

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  1. Its great to see my old picture come to life again, the invite was a great way to celebrate my 30th party thanks for making it.. X

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