Frozen Photo Manipulation ice effectFrozen Photo Manipulation ice effect

Frozen Photo Manipulation ice effect

A close friend of ours Dania has a secondary job where she dresses up as Elsa from the movie Frozen, she needed a photo of her dressed up as Elsa so that she could use it on leaflets and marketing material when she is promoting the events.

The photographer who was doing the photo shoot contact us and asked if there was anything we could do, to make the photo stand out.

Main image

The Photographer was able to send us a Raw image of Dania which was great, we could then set about adjusting the lighting and contrast of the image.


We then carefully cropped Dania out of the image and added an image of a icey lake.

Ice Texture and Snow texture

We then used several different images of ice and snow as textures for the image, to give it a realistic code effect.

Dania loved this effect, especially the detail on her face and hands of the ice.

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