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Raise from hell photo manipulation

With Halloween around the corner we wanted to create a photo composite which literary raises hell!

We started by shooting a raw image of Dania and asked her is place one hand flat on a chair and the other reaching out in front of her, the mean look on her face was all her.

After sharping and touching up her face, we cut her out of the background and placed her in front of our background images.

Raise from Hell! Background

Using adjustment layers we then blended the backgrounds together.

Raise from Hell! Adjustment

Then using stock images, we created the hole and blended in the lava.

Raise from Hell! Hole and Lava

We then added rocks and added shadows to the floor and under her hands.

Raise from Hell! Rocks

Using stock images we then added dust and sparks.

Raise from Hell! Dust and Sparks

We then added a few touches at the end, including a glow on her face, here is the end results.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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